Nogales Sur Development

The Nogales Sur Development is what Nogales and possible the whole border region has been asking for: a planned 1,000 acre of master development at a choice location. Close enough to the border as to enjoy all of its benefits but sensibly separated from the troubles of the city. It is an integral project with the right combination of residential, commercial and industrial areas, as to make Nogales Sur an independent community and capable of sustaining a balanced growth for many years.

Straightforward advantages:

  • Excellent topography: the only leveled ground miles around.
  • Workforce: low income and economic housing located at the Park (4,000 existing houses; projected 2,000 more)
  • Location: conveniently, only miles to the International Border, granting quick turnaround times and cost-effective logistics.
  • Quick access to the border: straight way to the Recinto Fiscal (Mexican Customs).
  • Utilities and infrastructure: abundant underground water, power, rail services, housing developments and constant improving infrastructure.
  • Lowest prices: anticipate some of the lowest prices in the entire U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Standard of living for company executives: great gated medium-high income residential areas nearby.
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